Value through Innovation, CEPEX

Continuous Improvement

Sharing knowledge and best practices leads to smarter teams - which in turn - makes the teams self sufficient and able to solve many challenges on their own. This leads to greater “Organizational Intelligence”.
— Anirudh Kumar

- Lunch n Learn sessions for teams

- Review Best Practices through seminars and guest speaker assignments

- Customized presentations to team based on specific focus areas

CEPEX assists clients to enhance their existing capabilities through finding opportunities for higher efficiency in focus areas. The focus area could belong to engineering, procurement, or even IT. For the specific focus area, we review data, work processes and work with your subject matter experts to identify opportunities of enhancing efficiency. Our approach is to look at multi-disciplinary and cross-functional linkages to come up with recommendations that would help unlock value within the focus area.

 We also provide support in enabling the companies – their employees and leaders as well – to shift their behavior and to reinforce good practices so that they become habits.