Value through Innovation, CEPEX

Project Management

Planning - Conceptual stage - Execution - Start-up : right input at the right time makes the difference between meeting or missing major milestones

- Modular services that can be inserted into any stage of the planning or execution cycle.

- Proven track record and extensive experience in all facets of Project Management. 

Good project management is fundamental to successful implementation of project from concept to completion. We believe that key to a successful project often depends on what happens in its earliest phase.

Throughout the project development and execution phases, we apply our unique ‘innovate-adapt-integrate’ approach and our consulting expertise – backed by deep industry, technical and engineering experience – to come up with high-impact project management solutions. We work alongside your project execution team to:

  • Understand your project objectives, project scope (current and future)

  • Review your Front-End-Planning (or assist in conceptualizing FEP), including, interface, integration, stakeholder aspects, risk analysis and mitigation plans

  • Review your Project Execution Plan (or assist in conceptualizing PEP), including, value engineering, modularization, WBS, CBS, procurement, constructability

  • Provide actionable recommendations

  • If needed, provide short-term assistance to your project team