Planning - Conceptual stage - Execution - Start-up : right input at the right time makes the difference between meeting or missing major milestones

- Modular services that can be inserted into any stage of the planning or execution cycle.

- Proven track record and extensive experience in all facets of Project Management. 

Good project management is fundamental to successful implementation of project from concept to completion. We believe that key to a successful project often depends on what happens in its earliest phase.

Throughout the project development and execution phases, we apply our unique ‘innovate-adapt-integrate’ approach and our consulting expertise – backed by deep industry, technical and engineering experience – to come up with high-impact project management solutions. We work alongside your project execution team to:

  • Understand your project objectives, project scope (current and future)

  • Review your Front-End-Planning (or assist in conceptualizing FEP), including, interface, integration, stakeholder aspects, risk analysis and mitigation plans

  • Review your Project Execution Plan (or assist in conceptualizing PEP), including, value engineering, modularization, WBS, CBS, procurement, constructability

  • Provide actionable recommendations

  • If needed, provide short-term assistance to your project team

In the “Lower for Longer” environment for commodity prices, it is essential for companies to innovate and find ways to reduce costs. This requires Vision, Leadership and good Advice.

Optimizing processes and workflows to maximize gains through industry best practices and innovative solutions.

Learn more about ways to reduce costs through

- Standardization

- Modularization

- Value Maximization workshops

The lower-for-longer oil price situation is putting pressure on margins and free cash flow; thus, forcing owner/operating companies to be more serious about reducing cost of capital projects (new capital and sustaining capital) by significant percentages. Achieving significant cost reduction in capex requires earnest re-thinking of strategy for developing and executing projects. Working together with your project development and execution teams, we will help you in streamlining your work processes, and realize savings by:

  • Reviewing Front-End-Planning of the project

  • Understanding which development concept (e.g. design replicating of future phases; standardization; technology selection; and others) has the potential to maximize cost reduction

  • Reviewing procurement strategy to identify opportunities for cost reduction

  • Providing actionable recommendations for cost reduction and cost avoidance

  • Formulate & Implement Balanced Scorecard system to drive Strategy Implementation & Cost Reduction throughout the business unit/organization

If we have to win in project execution in 2016 and beyond, we will need to change our approach and the new approach will have to be similar to the approach adopted by the world’s best special ops force (SOF) units.
— Parth Mukherjee

- Subject Matter Experts for specific challenge areas

- Develop, Implement and Enhance Strategy

- "Lessons Learned" sessions


Quite often the owner/operating companies need help in a specific area. It could be selection of a compressor package, reviewing blue-sky items and conducting value engineering, or, developing execution approach for replicating design for future phases, and others. Together with your team, CEPEX works to:

  • Understand your specific need

  • Review available information and data

  • Provide actionable recommendations

  • Assist the owner/operating company in completing the task

Sharing knowledge and best practices leads to smarter teams - which in turn - makes the teams self sufficient and able to solve many challenges on their own. This leads to greater “Organizational Intelligence”.
— Anirudh Kumar

- Lunch n Learn sessions for teams

- Review Best Practices through seminars and guest speaker assignments

- Customized presentations to team based on specific focus areas

CEPEX assists clients to enhance their existing capabilities through finding opportunities for higher efficiency in focus areas. The focus area could belong to engineering, procurement, or even IT. For the specific focus area, we review data, work processes and work with your subject matter experts to identify opportunities of enhancing efficiency. Our approach is to look at multi-disciplinary and cross-functional linkages to come up with recommendations that would help unlock value within the focus area.

 We also provide support in enabling the companies – their employees and leaders as well – to shift their behavior and to reinforce good practices so that they become habits.