Value through Innovation, CEPEX

Special Projects

If we have to win in project execution in 2016 and beyond, we will need to change our approach and the new approach will have to be similar to the approach adopted by the world’s best special ops force (SOF) units.
— Parth Mukherjee

- Subject Matter Experts for specific challenge areas

- Develop, Implement and Enhance Strategy

- "Lessons Learned" sessions


Quite often the owner/operating companies need help in a specific area. It could be selection of a compressor package, reviewing blue-sky items and conducting value engineering, or, developing execution approach for replicating design for future phases, and others. Together with your team, CEPEX works to:

  • Understand your specific need

  • Review available information and data

  • Provide actionable recommendations

  • Assist the owner/operating company in completing the task